Wynn's Property Maintenance Ltd.

We pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly. Be sure to ask us about our line of organic products.

    Lawn Care: Whenever you feel too busy for mowing your own lawn, just call one of our guys – and we’ll do a great job! Also caring about your lawn is so much more. Let us take care of it all! From Cutting and over seeding to air rating to fertilizing, we can do it all.
    Garden Care: Taking care of plants and flowers for both commercial and residential areas, we love to keep the world greener! So whatever you’ll need us to advice or to maintain your garden, we’ll be ready.
    Landscaping: Do you need to improve your curb appeal? Studies show that a properly designed garden can increase the property value and lower utility costs. Our gardening experts are ready to assist you with any landscaping needs.  Lot
    Upkeep:  Starting with hedging, pruning, mowing, mulching and de-thatching, we know how to help keep your lots clear from over-growth. 
    Snow Removal: Pretty when it’s falling, but when it stops it can be back braking work to shovel your driveway and walkway. We have all the tools needed to clear your snow. Let our guys take care of this work for you.
    Seasonal Lighting: No celebration is complete without tiny twilling light hanging from a house, shrub or trees, give us a call when you need your lights put up or taken down. Whether it’s for a party in the back yard, or Christmas lights on your house, we can help.
    Commercial: Commercial locations, such as offices, hotels and shopping malls use our service. We have got what it takes to make any business stand out! Our garden design team specializes in classical landscape design for contemporary commercial venues, large rural estates, country houses and townhouses with modern day requirements.

Put our team to work for you all year long.